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In some instances, it may be necessary for additional waterproofing measures to be put in place. When building structures where this is the case, people often turn to waterproof concrete.

Waterproof concrete has been becoming more and more popular in recent years, and, as the name suggests, is a mix that is impermeable and prevents water from gaining access to the structure where it’s installed. It is often used in a number of domestic and commercial applications including:

  • Basements
  • Underground car parks
  • Areas with a high water table
  • Areas that are prone to flooding
  • High-rise buildings
  • And more

The actual concrete itself is not that much more waterproof than standard mixes, but what enhances its impermeable qualities is the addition of water-resistant admixtures. These are inserted into the mix to help make the concrete become impermeable and make it suitable for the environments listed above. 

Fully damp-proof and water-tight, when correctly installed this concrete can prevent liquids from entering a structure, but it’s worth noting that for a fully waterproof structure, other factors need to be considered. Waterproofing takes a systematic approach, and other parts of the project build, such as joints and parts, must be installed correctly.    

At Concrete Supply UK, we’re able to handle the supply and delivery of all types of concrete including waterproof concrete. We take a completely bespoke approach to everyone we work with ensuring you’re always left satisfied with the quality of our products.   


Benefits Of Waterproof Concrete 

If you need a comprehensive solution for protecting structures against the adverse effects of water and moisture, waterproof concrete is always an excellent choice. 

There are several benefits to this mix, including:   

  • Waterproof properties – Clearly, the biggest benefit of waterproof concrete is its ability to repel liquid and moisture from a structure. In certain environments this is essential, making it the go-to choice time and time again.
  • Enhanced durability – Waterproof concrete significantly improves the durability of structures by preventing water penetration. It protects against the detrimental effects of moisture, such as freezing, corrosion to metal, chemical reactions and more.
  • Protection against corrosion – Corrosion can cause serious damage inside structures, especially if steel is being used. Waterproofing agents and admixtures in the concrete act as a barrier, reducing the risk of corrosion. 
  • Longevity – The prevention of water and corrosion contributes to an extended life for structures made with waterproof concrete. This is especially beneficial in projects where long-term performance is essential.      


Need Waterproof Concrete 

As leading waterproof concrete suppliers for the whole of the UK, the team here at Concrete Supply UK is always on hand to provide you with quality solutions and high-end products. 

This includes waterproof concrete, and we’ll ensure mixes are always formulated to your exact requirements. This involves taking the time to understand your project and its specifics, before delivering solutions that fit the bill. 

As well as making sure the mixes are appropriate for the task at hand, we’ll also ensure you always receive the right quantities and are never caught short. 

To find out more or place an order, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today.    

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