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Self Healing Concrete

Concrete is typically used to create durable surfaces and enhance high-traffic areas. 

Driveways, pavements, roads and other environments see a wide range of traffic from people and vehicles, so it’s important the concrete used is able to withstand this.  

One great mix that can help in this regard is self-healing concrete. 

Not only is self-healing concrete extremely strong, but it’s also able to innovatively repair its own cracks and damage. The mix itself contains specialised autogenous or autonomous qualities that mean when a crack has formed, it’ll be able to repair itself and maintain its previously durable properties.

As well as being able to repair itself, it can also recover all of the previous functionality that the surface had before the damage occurred – making it an extremely popular choice for all kinds of domestic and commercial projects.     

If you’re looking for leading self-healing concrete for your next project, Concrete Supply UK is here to help. Our team is vastly experienced in supplying all types of concrete to customers across the country, and this includes self-healing concrete. 

Just like with every mix, our team of knowledgeable experts will ensure you’re provided with self-healing concrete that is specifically tailored to you. We’ll take the time to understand the specifics of your project, before delivering a product that is most suitable and that can keep your work on track. 


Benefits Of Self-healing Concrete 

A new and innovative industry product, self-healing concrete is a material that is specifically designed to repair and regenerate cracks autonomously. 

Some of the main benefits of this product include:

  • Increased durability – Self-healing concrete significantly improves the durability of structures by autonomously repairing cracks. This feature helps prevent the ingress of harmful substances such as water, chemicals and pollution which can otherwise cause surfaces to deteriorate. 
  • Longevity – The ability of self-healing concrete to repair cracks also helps to extend the service life of all structures where it’s in place. By addressing cracks before they can become larger, more serious issues are avoided which enhances longevity. 
  • Lower maintenance costs – Self-healing concrete can also lead to lower maintenance costs. The autonomous healing process reduces the need for frequent repairs or maintenance as the concrete itself does most of the work itself.    

As one of the newer concrete products available, there’s likely to be even more research, development and improvements in the coming years. 


Need Self-healing Concrete? 

Whether you’re a property developer, home builder, domestic customer or anything in between, at Concrete Supply UK we’re here to meet all of your concrete needs.

By placing our customers first, we ensure your project is always on track and we never take a ‘one size fits all’ approach. This means you’ll be provided with bespoke self-healing concrete that will provide your surface with excellent longevity and durability. 

We also know that ordering the right quantity of concrete is essential, so we’ll discuss your needs directly with you to ensure you never over or under order. 

To learn more about self-healing concrete, to make an order or to chat with our friendly and knowledgeable team, contact Concrete Supply UK today.

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