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Roll Compacted Concrete

So named due to the method of construction used to place this concrete type, roller compacted concrete (RCC) is a specialist mix that is laid by a paver before being roller compacted by bulldozers or road rollers. 

Usually, this type of concrete is used to construct roads, pavements, backfills and even dams. Roller compacted concrete often includes many of the same ingredients as conventional concrete mixes, however, the ratios will likely vary. For instance, fly ash is usually substituted, at least in part, for Portland cement in order to reduce thermal loads. 

At Concrete Supply UK, we’re experienced in supplying a wide range of concrete mixes to our customers, ensuring they always have the mix they need to get the job done. This includes roller compacted concrete, and we regularly formulate tailor-made products to ensure they meet the requirements of our clients. 

Our expert team of professional technicians are hugely knowledgeable and understands that no two projects are the same. With this in mind, we’ll take the time to discuss your needs directly with you, before providing you with leading products that help advance your project.   


Benefits Of Roller Compacted Concrete 

Roller compacted concrete is a durable and cost-effective construction material that is well-suited for a variety of projects. Here are a few of the key benefits of this mix:

  • Rapid construction – RCC is known for its rapid construction capabilities. It can be placed and compacted extremely quickly, allowing for expedited project schedules. This is especially advantageous for projects that have tight deadlines or require a fast-tracked construction process.
  • Durability – As mentioned above, roller compacted concrete is incredibly durable. This is because it is able to exhibit high compressive strengths which make it suitable for various applications including pavements, industrial floors and dam construction. 
  • Cost-effective – Generally speaking roller compacted concrete is more cost-effective than other more traditional mixes. Due to its simplified mix design, rapid construction and reduced need for formwork means it can contribute to overall savings in a number of ways.  
  • Low maintenance – RCC pavements have proven to be durable and extremely low maintenance. They’re resistant to rutting, cracking and abrasion meaning they offer excellent longevity and lower maintenance costs. 
  • Erosion resistance – Roller compacted concrete is also resistant to erosion, meaning it is suitable for use in water-related projects like dams, spillways and channels. Also, its durable nature helps prevent damage from flowing water.  

As you can see, roller compacted concrete offers a number of great benefits, making it a valuable construction material in the industry.


Need Roller Compacted Concrete 

If you want to learn more about roller compacted concrete, Concrete Supply UK is on hand to help. 

Our expert team is able to supply you with leading mixes that are individually formulated for your project, ensuring you’re left with a product that best works for you. Furthermore, we’ll also make sure you are always provided with the right quantities. Ordering too much can be wasteful and too little can be inconvenient, so we’ll chat with you to understand how much you need before providing you with the mix that helps your project progress on time.

To find out more, contact Concrete Supply UK today.   

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