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Rapid Setting Concrete

Sometimes, time constraints or the urgency of a project will dictate the type of concrete required. As many professional builders or DIYers will know, waiting for concrete to set can be a painstaking process, especially when working to strict deadlines. This is where rapid setting concrete comes in.

As the name suggests, rapid setting concrete sets far quicker than conventional mixes. Whereas some concrete types can take up to 48 hours to fully dry and set, rapid setting concrete is able to harden within one hour, meaning you can continue working on the rest of the project without having to suffer from unnecessary downtime. 

At Concrete Supply UK, we’re leading suppliers of rapid setting concrete, also sometimes known as concrete quick set.

No matter the size or type of project you’re working on, our expert team are well-versed in formulating mixes specifically to your requirements. We never take a ‘one size fits all’ approach, instead taking the time to understand your project and its needs before delivering the appropriate concrete mix directly to you. 

We’re experienced in supplying and delivering rapid setting concrete to domestic and commercial customers across the country, always ensuring the mix has been properly formulated to suit your needs. 


Benefits Of Rapid Setting Concrete 

If you’re looking to speed up the progress of your domestic or commercial construction project, you’d do well to consider rapid setting concrete. In addition to its fast drying properties, there are a number of other advantages to this mix.

This includes:

  • Quick setting time – As already stated, undoubtedly the best advantage of rapid setting concrete is its quick setting time. It can achieve an initial set in a fraction of the time compared with other concrete mixes, allowing for a faster construction process and shorter waiting times. 
  • Accelerated strength – Strength and durability are among the factors of all concrete mixes, which is why they’re so widely used in a variety of construction processes. However, rapid setting concrete attains its strength at a faster rate due to its quick drying speed. This is a particular benefit for projects where early strength is vital such as road repairs or emergency situations.   
  • Reduced construction time – As a result of the faster setting and strength development, rapid setting concrete can contribute to overall time saving in construction projects. This means projects can be shorter, completed faster and have minimal downtime.  


Need Rapid Setting Concrete?

If you need rapid setting concrete for your next project, Concrete Supply UK is here to help. As well as ensuring you receive a mix that is perfect for your work and which quickly sets so you can get on with the job at hand, we’ll also ensure you receive the appropriate quantities. 

There will be no need to worry about overordering or delaying the project to order more, as we’ll make sure you have the suitable amount from the outset to help you efficiently complete your work.

To find out more or to place an order, contact Concrete Supply UK today.

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