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Any Amount of On-site Mixed Concrete

No matter what kind of project you’re working on, at Concrete Supply UK we’re here to provide you with the perfect mix to get the job done.

Our team of experts regularly provide customers across the nation with a wide range of different types of concrete mixes including leading on-site mixed concrete. 

As the name suggests, on-site mixed concrete will be prepared at your construction site, and we’ll tailor each and every mix to the specific requirements of your project. Whether you’re working on a one-off domestic project or regularly require mixed on-site concrete for a variety of commercial jobs, we’re here to help.

We tailor mixes to each and every client we work with, ensuring you’re always left with the exact mix, grade and quantity of on-site mixed concrete. This minimises disruption to your project, keeps the work moving smoothly and ensures you don’t over order or have to come back for more.    


Benefits Of On-site Mixed Concrete 

On-site mixed concrete, also known as mixed on-site concrete, offers several benefits for construction projects. 

  • Customisation – On-site mixed concrete allows for excellent customisation and flexibility. No two projects are the same, and to maximise results mixes can be customised and adjusted to suit the specific needs of a project and its requirements. This customisation ensures that the concrete meets the desired strength, durability and other performance criteria. 
  • Freshness – All mixed on-site concrete is, as the name suggests, directly mixed at the construction site. This means it is delivered and poured while still at optimum freshness. This is essential for achieving the best strength and performance. In contrast, some other concrete options may begin to set during the transit process and before it has been poured, potentially impacting quality.  
  • Reduced waste – On-site mixing allows for better control over the quantity of concrete that is required for a project. Our team will always ensure that you have the appropriate amount, reducing waste and leading to cost savings and environmental benefits.  
  • Cost-effective – If you’re a small business or working on a domestic project, cost saving will be important to you. On-site mixed concrete can be more cost-effective than other types, this is because you’ll always have the quantity you need and won’t need to order more, therefore you’re paying only for the concrete you use.

Every concrete mix comes with its own pros and cons, and it’s important to consider your project’s unique requirements. Our team can help you with your choice, discussing the various options with you before ensuring you have the perfect quality mix for your project.   


Need On-Site Mixed Concrete?

On-site mixed concrete is perfect for both domestic and commercial projects. It can be used for a diverse range of applications including:

  • Foundations 
  • Walls
  • Floor bases
  • Driveways 
  • Footpaths 
  • Patios
  • And much more 

We take a customised approach to each and every project we work on and will take the time to discuss your requirements with you before delivering mixes that are most suitable. We’ll use specific formulas to determine the perfect mixes for you helping your project to thrive every time. For more information or to place an order, contact the Concrete Supply UK team today. 

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