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Fibre reinforced concrete, or FRC, is a type of concrete that is formulated using hydraulic cements, aggregates and reinforcing fibres. These fibres are designed to help reinforce the entire concrete mix, enhancing structural integrity whenever it is used. 

The variation of short fibres used in this concrete type can be produced from a wide range of materials including glass, steel and organic polymers. As well as helping make the entire structure remain stable, choosing fibre concrete means that you can forgo the expense of installing steel mesh, which can be expensive and less sustainable. 

The team here at Concrete Supply UK is hugely experienced in the supply and delivery of a wide range of concrete types including fibre reinforced concrete. During the mixing process, fibres will be added to the solution, and this means we can directly influence the type of fibre reinforced concrete you’re provided with.

Furthermore, we’ll take the time to discuss the specifics of your project with you prior to creating your bespoke mix, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving a product that has been formulated exactly to your job’s exact requirements.  

With all this in mind, if you’re on the lookout for a cost-effective alternative to steel mesh, we’re here to help provide you with great fibre reinforced concrete solutions.


Benefits Of Fibre Reinforced Concrete 

Fibre reinforced concrete is made up of micro fibres which help the application to work effectively. Micro fibres in reinforced concrete are made up of thousands of individual fibres that are dispersed throughout the concrete and which enhance its durability and provide a number of benefits.

These include: 

  • Increased durability – We’ve mentioned the strength and excellent structural integrity that fibre reinforced concrete offers a few times now, and this is because it’s a huge benefit. This makes it suitable for structures that are exposed to harsh weather conditions, chemicals or abrasive solutions. 
  • Crack resistance – The addition of fibres helps to improve the crack resistance of concrete. These fibres act as reinforcement and help to control and minimise the formation of any cracks, further enhancing the structure. 
  • Cost-effective – Utilising fibre reinforced concrete means that you will not need to splash out on expensive steel mesh which can really hit your budget hard. Plus, it also means you can expect lower maintenance costs across the life of the structure.  


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As already mentioned, we place our clients at the very forefront of everything we do, and are always keen to hear about your next project. 

To find out more about our fibre reinforced concrete options, contact our friendly team of experts today.  

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