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Often, construction sites will be large in scale and can be tricky to manoeuvre. This can be particularly noticeable when it comes to transporting concrete mixes. 

The traditional method involves pouring concrete directly into a wheelbarrow which is then wheeled around the site by a construction worker. However, this can be cumbersome and challenging and require additional labour-intensive tasks for your team. 

With this in mind, concrete pumping is a tried and tested technique that makes this task even easier. 

Concrete line pumps are one of the most popular types of concrete pumping, and this process involves utilising a number of interconnected pipes and hoses that are placed along the ground at your site. 

Then, the concrete is seamlessly pumped directly through the pipes before reaching the area where it needs to be. This helps the mix be easily distributed over large distances or through tight spaces and means you can leave the wheelbarrow behind. 

The team here at Concrete Supply UK is vastly experienced in all concrete services and has spent more than a decade supplying quality line pumps to sites up and down the country. A line pump has the capacity to reach more than 150 meters with extensions available if necessary, and our team will be able to cater pumps specifically to your exact requirements.  


Benefits Of Line Pump Hire 

Having line pumps installed at your domestic, commercial or industrial construction site can offer a whole host of benefits. 

This includes:

  • Cover large distances – One of the main benefits of line pumps is that they have the ability to cover significantly large distances. This is particularly beneficial if the concrete needs to be delivered to a specific destination on the site that is far away or has significant obstacles in the way.
  • Reduces labour – Using a pump, such as a concrete line pump, will remove a task that can be extremely labour-intensive. This means that your team can be utilised elsewhere and reduce their exertion. 
  • Cleaner – If you’re transporting and pouring concrete mixes with wheelbarrows, it’s normal for spills to occur. Not only can this be messy and require greater site clean-up, but it can also make the process more wasteful.    


Leading Line Pump Hire Suppliers 

At Concrete Supply UK, we know that no two projects are the same. Every construction site comes with different dimensions, in different sizes and with different challenges. 

With this in mind, it’s important that a bespoke approach is always taken when it comes to the supply of concrete line pumps. 

Our team has spent more than a decade doing exactly that, and always place our customers’ needs at the forefront of everything we do. In regard to line pumps, this involves discussing your requirements directly with you, before delivering a product that is most suitable. We’ll head to your location and, if necessary, set up the pump for you. We can also take care of developing a completely bespoke mix that achieves the desired outcome that you’re looking for.

We regularly work alongside house builders, property developers, engineers and more, and we also provide all our clients with a dedicated account manager who will always guide you through the process. 

To find out more or to arrange concrete line pumps for your project, contact Concrete Supply UK today.   

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