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Concrete is one of the most fundamental building materials in construction, and is frequently used in a wide range of projects. However, once your concrete has been delivered, you will often have the challenge of moving it around your site to the areas where it needs to be. This is where concrete pumps come in.  There are a number of concrete pumping methods, and boom pump hire is one of the most popular. 

Boom pumps are hydraulic arms that are attached to concrete delivery vehicles. These specialist tools can stretch from the base of the vehicle to any area of a construction site. Whether it’s hard-to-reach places or extending to great heights, boom pump hire is extremely versatile but can consistently pour concrete into any site area.

Commonly, boom pumps are used during the construction of high-rise structures as they’re able to extend to great heights – a far easier way to get concrete to these levels. When not in use, these pumps can also be easily folded away into the vehicle, so they do not cause a hazard or obstacle when not being used. 

At Concrete Supply UK, we don’t only provide our clients with industry-leading concrete mixes. We also offer a wide range of quality concrete services including boom pump hire. No matter what the size or shape of your project, our expert team will always put your needs first and are always determined to provide the highest level of service.  


Benefits Of Concrete Boom Pumps 

There are a variety of concrete pumping options available, but boom pump hire offers a number of specific advantages. This includes:

  • Reach high places – One of the main benefits of boom pumps compared to other pumping options is that it’s great at reaching high areas. For projects working on high structures, such as high-rise apartment complexes and alike, the boom can extend to great heights and seamlessly pour the mix exactly where it needs to be.  
  • Efficiency – The hydraulic arm system is able to get your mix from A to B with greater speed than other options. This means pumping the concrete takes less time and requires less input from your team, making the whole process more efficient. 
  • More durable – Often, concrete that is poured through a pump is slightly more durable than mixes that come via a chute. This is because pumped concrete contains less water, meaning it can last longer or require less maintenance in the future.   


Leading Boom Pump Hire 

For more than a decade, Concrete Supply UK has provided leading concrete services to house builders, property developers, engineers and others in the construction industry. 

This includes supplying top-of-the-range concrete boom pumps that can extend across a construction site no matter its size or specification. This negates the need to use awkward and tedious wheelbarrows which can be labour-intensive and cause delays. As well as ensuring you have an appropriate pumping method in place, our team will also guarantee you always receive the most suitable quantity. Not ordering enough concrete can be disruptive, whereas ordering too much can be wasteful and costly.     

No matter what kind of project you’re working on, we’ll always take a customer-centric approach that offers bespoke solutions that help to keep your work on track and to a high level. For more information about our boom pump hire service, get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team today.

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