How Much Concrete Do I Need?
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How much concrete do I need?

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How Much Concrete Do I Need?

Whether you’re embarking on a domestic DIY project or working in the world of commercial construction on large-scale projects, concrete is a material that is almost always required.

Concrete is a material that is made from an aggregate that is then bonded with cement creating a durable, resilient and structurally strong product. There are very few construction projects that do not use concrete, and the material provides a whole host of benefits.

This includes being immensely strong and durable, water and fire-resistant and extremely versatile which means it is commonly used for a wide range of projects and which can be customised to your exact requirements. Selecting the right mix is always important. Some people think concrete is a much of a muchness, but this is never the case. 

In fact, every concrete mix has particular properties and traits that make it suitable for specific applications. Here at Concrete Supply UK, we understand that no two projects are the same, and so provide a bespoke approach to everyone we work with. This includes formulating completely customised mixes to ensure you always receive a product that is most suitable for your project. 

As well as the type of concrete, it’s essential that you always have the correct amount of concrete. Over ordering can be wasteful whereas not ordering enough is disruptive. With this in mind, it’s important to understand how to calculate the amount of concrete a project requires. In this article, we’ll examine the question ‘how much concrete do I need?’ explaining the best way to do this.

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Why Is It Important To Calculate How Much Concrete I Need?

As everyone who is planning a construction project knows, organisation is key if you are to achieve results. As part of this organisation, making sure you have the correct materials in place is vital. This includes preparing the concrete that will need to be used during the project. 

It can be hard to know exactly how much concrete you will need. After all, many construction projects are fluid and things may change depending on how the work progresses. However, it is possible to establish a rough idea of what is likely to be needed depending on the type of work you will be carrying out. By establishing how much this is likely to be, it will help to keep your project on track and prevent detrimental delays from occurring.

Under ordering concrete is perhaps one of the most frustrating things that can happen during a project. Not only will you have to place a new order, but it can severely disrupt project timelines and schedules. And in commercial settings, this can even result in financial issues. 

In contrast, over ordering concrete will result in the opposite problem. As concrete is often purchased based on volume, ordering too much means that you have wasted your money. It is also wasteful and you may need to pay a company to dispose of the excess concrete. 

All of this considered, it’s clear to see why it’s important to order the correct quantities of concrete. 


How Much Concrete Do I Need?

Now we’ve established why it’s so important to order the correct amount of concrete, let’s look at the question ‘how much concrete do I need?’ 

The first thing you need to do is to establish the volume of the area you are going to be filling with concrete. There is a simple formula that will help you do this which is as follows, Length x width x depth. Once you’ve done this calculation, you will be left with a figure. 

Wastage always needs to be considered before making an order as it’s inevitable some of the mix will be lost. With this in mind, you should add 10% to the figure that you received from the formula. This method has been used for many years but does require some basic maths.

However, not everyone finds sums easy, so if you’d prefer there is an alternative method. Many concrete companies will provide their customers with a concrete calculator. 

Concrete calculators do all the hard work for you, and you simply need to input some figures and the calculator will do the maths on your behalf. This will provide you with a quantity that you can rest assured will be suitable for your project.  

At Concrete Supply UK, we have our own concrete calculator that you can use to calculate how much you will need. 


Does The Type Of Project Impact How Much Concrete I Need?

Sometimes, the type of project you’re conducting will dictate how much concrete you will need. 

Typically, commercial projects will require larger quantities of concrete while smaller, domestic projects will not often need a great deal. Furthermore, if the project is of an unconventional shape, it will also inform how much concrete is going to be required.

The best way to establish how much concrete you need, no matter the size or type of project you’re working on, is to utilise our excellent concrete calculator.  

At Concrete Supply UK, we provide leading a variety of different types of concrete mixes to customers nationwide. Not only do we ensure that our customers receive quality mixes that are made from the finest industry materials, but we’ll also assist with quantities. 

We’ll only ever pour the amount of concrete you need, so there is no need to worry about over or under ordering. To do this, we’ll take the time to understand your project and its needs and use our concrete calculator to find out how much you’re going to need. 

As a comprehensive concrete company, our service doesn’t end when you place an order. We’ll also deliver it directly to your site and, if necessary, utilise pump hire services to ensure it is transported where it needs to be. 

For more information about what we do or to place an order, contact Concrete Supply UK today. 

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