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At Concrete Supply UK, we regularly provide customers across the country with a wide range of quality concrete mixes. 

We understand that no two projects are the same, and so we regularly customise unique mixes to ensure that our clients always receive a mix that is most appropriate for them. Among the range of concrete applications we provide, standard concrete is one of our most popular products. 

Standard concrete is a type of concrete that is specially mixed in order to meet certain requirements. For example, concrete might need to be particularly formulated to ensure that it offers great compressive strength or resistance to abrasion.    

There are numerous different standard concrete options you can choose from, all of which offer different benefits. The extensive range of standard concrete we supply includes:

  • ST1 ConcreteA wet, lean mix that is commonly used to create non-structural projects in both domestic and commercial settings. 
  • ST2 ConcreteUsed throughout the construction industry for house building applications and other general projects.
  • ST3 ConcreteThis is the perfect mix for domestic applications and foundations.
  • ST4 ConcreteOne of the wettest ST mixes available, it is an extremely fluid and flexible option that is popular for lightweight projects. 

Sometimes, people mix up the term standard concrete with general concrete. This is because the use of the word ‘standard’ is misunderstood to mean a mix that can be used for all types of work as opposed to being a standardised mix that is specifically formulated to create concrete with desired attributes. 


Benefits of Standard Concrete 

As mentioned above, standardised concrete refers to mixes that follow established specifications to create products that have pre-defined traits and can be customised to the needs of individual projects.  

Some of the main benefits include:

  • Consistent performances – All of the standard concrete we provide are manufactured to the highest industry standards. This means we can ensure consistent quality and performance across batches. This is crucial to meet the requirements and design specifications of your project.
  • Quality controls – Standardised concrete mixes make it easier to implement quality control measures during the production process. We can regularly monitor and adapt mixes to ensure the specified standards are met. 
  • Cost efficiency – Standard concrete can contribute to cost efficiency in construction projects. Processes can be streamlined by using pre-defined mixes that reduce the need for extensive testing or adjustments on-site this means projects can be completed faster and costs can be saved on materials.   


Leading Standard Concrete Suppliers 

If you require a leading standard concrete supplier that is trustworthy, knowledgeable and always delivers quality, Concrete Supply UK is here to help.

We’ve spent more than a decade working alongside house builders, property developers, engineers and more, ensuring they always receive the appropriate concrete mix to keep their projects on track. We always take the time to get to know our customers and their needs, ensuring our products always deliver results and help with a seamless project. 

So no matter what you want your standard concrete to achieve, contact Concrete Supply UK to order your bespoke mix. 


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