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At Concrete Supply UK, we’re vastly experienced in providing a wide range of concrete mixes and applications to customers in a variety of industries. 

Finding the right concrete blend for your project is vital if you’re to achieve the desired result, and our team is always on hand to advise on the best options for you and your project. One of the most popular concrete types we supply is general concrete, also known as general-purpose concrete. 

All general concrete mixes are labelled with GEN followed by a number indicating its strength, and is a common choice for housing and non-structural applications. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the GEN series of concrete is that it’s incredibly versatile, meaning it can be carefully crafted to ensure it meets your needs. 

There a number of different general concrete grades, and the Concrete Supply UK team is able to provide you with any type you need. This includes the following:


GEN0 Concrete

A wet and lean variation of general concrete, GEN0 is suitable for commercial and domestic projects and is regularly used to help construct:

  • Kerb bedding 
  • Haunching and backing 
  • Foundations 
  • Blinding 
  • Mass fill
  • Cavity fill

It’s important to note that GEN0 concrete should not be used externally unless it has been effectively covered or encased. 


GEN1 Concrete

Another versatile general concrete type, GEN1 is widely used across the construction industry. This includes housing projects, and it is perhaps most commonly used for tasks like cavity filling, kerbing and creating unreinforced foundations. It is also used for:

  • Un-reinforced strip footings
  • Trench filling 
  • Agricultural applications 
  • Foundations for walls, sheds and conservatories 
  • Drainage works 
  • Blinding of house floors
  • Pad foundations 
  • Cavity fill
  • Mass fill
  • Kerbing
  • Haunching 

Just like with GEN0 concrete, GEN1 concrete should not be used externally unless covered or encased. 


GEN2 Concrete

If you’re looking for a quality mix for domestic flooring, GEN2 is the way to go. This is often a preferred choice when there will not be a permanent floor finish but carpeting or tiling is set to be installed on top. 

Other applications where it can be used include:

  • Un-reinforced strip footing
  • Trench fill foundations 
  • Foundations for walls, sheds and conservatories 
  • Paving for steps and footpaths
  • Blinding 
  • Un-reinforced mass concrete fill
  • Strip footings

Do not use GEN2 concrete externally unless you’re going to cover or encase the area. 


GEN3 Concrete

Finally, GEN3 is often used as the mix of choice for light-duty domestic projects and foundations. For example, it is a popular choice when building internal flooring and domestic garage floors. 

It can be used for:

  • Driveway, shed and workshop bases
  • Foundations for walls, garages, houses and extensions 
  • Paving for patios 
  • Un-reinforced bases and oversites for conservatories, garages, sheds and greenhouses
  • Domestic garage floors
  • Blinding
  • Mass concrete fill  

Like with the other general concrete applications listed above, GEN3 concrete shouldn’t be used externally unless appropriately sealed. 


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To find out more about our general concrete range and to make an order, Concrete Supply UK is here to help.

We’ve spent more than a decade supporting customers with a range of construction projects, and have a thorough understanding of all the various concrete applications and grades. This means we’re able to perfectly advise you on the most suitable option, and then tailor mixes specifically for your needs.

To learn more, contact us a call today. 

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