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Every Type of Design Concrete available

One of the most popular concrete applications is design concrete. This concrete mix is created by mixing together specific quantities of aggregates, cement, admixtures and more that create a product that meets the specific needs of a project. 

At Concrete Supply UK, we supply an extensive range of design concrete including:

  • C7/8 Concretefor when a firm base but no structural strength is needed 
  • C10 Concretesimilar to C7/8 with a bit more cement 
  • C15 Concretegreat for those needing concrete paths
  • C20 Concretecommon for a whole host of domestic applications 
  • C25 Concretea versatile mix that can be used for all kinds of projects 
  • C30 Concreteperfect for domestic and commercial construction tasks 
  • C35 Concreteused for internal paving, reinforced bases and agricultural construction 
  • C40 Concreteone of the strongest design concrete mixes 


Benefits Of Design Concrete 

When you order design concrete from Concrete Supply UK, you will also receive peace of mind that you’re getting a product of the highest quality. Design concrete offers a wide range of benefits including:

  • Versatile – As outlined above, design concrete is suitable for a whole host of applications. Due to its availability in various grades and strengths, this means design concrete is one of the most versatile concrete mixes around and can be used for a whole host of purposes.  
  • Bespoke mixes – As well as the versatility of design concrete, the range can be specifically formulated to meet exact quantities, strengths and more. This means that no matter what you need the product for, a mix can be tailored exactly for you.  
  • Durable- As with all concrete types, design concrete is extremely durable and therefore an excellent choice for all kinds of construction projects.  


Leading Design Concrete Suppliers 

At Concrete Supply UK, we’re vastly experienced in providing customers across the country with leading concrete mixes. This includes quality design concrete, and our team of experts are able to create and provide you with bespoke products that are perfect for all manner of applications. It’s important to understand that no two projects are the same.

Every construction project has differences and unique specifications, so it’s essential that concrete mixes are created that are appropriate for the job at hand. 

With this in mind, if you’re on the lookout for specific design concrete mixes, we’re here to help. No matter what you require the mix for, we’ll take the time to fully understand your requirements before formulating the best mix for you. As well as ensuring every design concrete mix is created to the highest quality and industry-leading standards, we’ll also guarantee you always get products in the correct quantities. 

Ordering too much concrete can be wasteful and ordering too little disruptive, and both instances can cause inefficiency in a project. With this in mind, by getting to know your needs you can rest assured that you’ll always receive the optimum amount of design concrete.

So, to get your hands on the best design concrete in the business, contact Concrete Supply UK today. As well as facilitating what you need, our friendly and knowledgeable team will always be happy to answer any questions you may have.     

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